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Claire Khaw makes enquiries about being slut-shamed in Indonesia in a bid to promote slut-shaming in the West to save Western civilisation

Auberon Waugh, now the Editor of the Literary Review, has gained a reputation as a controversial journalist. In conversation with Michael Parkinson, he talks about his father Evelyn Waugh, his childhood and his writing, which has included seven novels and his diary Private Eye. [Taken from the original programme material for this archive edition of Desert Island Discs] Favourite track: Don Giovanni Act 1 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Book: Other Men's Flowers by Lord A P Wavell Luxury: Vine

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Slave girls, concubines, slavery, prostitution, brothel-keeping in an Is...

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Why Christianity won't save the West

MrCool Mug:

Your point about Brownies and Blackies and Ching-Chongs getting into Christianity doesn't really mean much to me. I've heard this from Heathens: that Christianity is full of coloured people now, so therefore "it isn't ours; we want our own religion." Utter nonsense. The intellectual Tradition is ours (Greek and Roman specifically), the religious fundamentals and rituals are Jewish. It was never ours in the sense that it solely came out of us; but then, nothing ever does. Different people have influenced each other for centuries. That doesn't mean you don't care about your own, and it doesn't mean that because you belong to the same religion as another race or tribe, that you therefore must mix with them. This is absurd. The whole situation is more nuanced than the average racist or Heathen can handle.
Belonging to the same religion solves many of our problems, which is what they don't want to admit. If we all (in the Alt-Right) became Catholics (for example), we would have immediate allies all across the world. You just have to come to the realisation, not that race isn't everything, but that race alone cannot save a civilisation. We wouldn't have to allow Catholic Hispanics to immigrate into the West, just because we're Catholic; we're confusing two different things: what is personal (religion) and what is political (the nation). It doesn't follow, that because we're the same religion, we should therefore bring in any foreigners. A nation is a nation, it has a dignity that it should preserve, and it is God given.
Christianity dies when it gets involved in politics: look at Anglicanism as the classic example. Listen to Malcolm Muggeridge on this very point. People don't understand Christianity any more, even Christians don't know what it is (many of them). It's not a political statement; it's a spiritual, transcendental exercise. Religion's whole point (particularly Christianity) is apolitical, is to be un-worldly and against what is current, and instead to focus on what is eternal.
The slightest bit of thought would reveal these truths, these common sensities, to the atheists and Heathens (no difference) in our movement. But they have an emotional interest in their solely tribal/racial view, which is also a religious view, and in my opinion makes them not so different from the Jews they hate so much.

My comments

It would be rational to worship the most powerful God, and the most powerful God is the Abrahamic God.

The West is more likely to Islamify itself than it is to re-Christianise itself. Your hysterical insistence that Christianity is not kaput is merely because you are a Catholic insisting that Catholicism is still fit for the purpose of maintaining morality when Catholic Ireland has fallen to gay marriage. There is no point claiming you are an adherent of a religion if you are not following its principles. The fact is that most Jews are not observant Jews and most people who call themselves Christians are not believing Christians. The very least your religion should be doing for its adherents is to support the institution of marriage. Christianity has clearly failed in this regard. Time, therefore, to take it out with the trash.

The two ruinous World Wars Britain participated in was because it was without the guidance of the Koran. The Koran only approves of defensive wars and successful imperialistic wars. WW1 and WW2 were neither defensive wars nor examples of successful imperialism. Also, if the British had been Muslim, they would easily have replenished their population by means of polygamy after the War, instead of condemning most white British women to die childless spinsters. Stupid, ignorant, arrogant and even now so mulishly stubborn, they cling to their dessicated bones of Christianity that they only pretended to believe in anyway. Now, they are now so theologically ignorant even the Archbishop of Canterbury does not even know he is supposed to pretend he believes in the absurdity of the Trinity.

If you have an unofficial secular religion that trumps over your stated Christianity, then it means it has already failed. WW1 and WW2 were wars of British dog in the mangerism. If the two World Wars were to two games of Monopoly, it would be the British paying ruinously to prevent the Germans from completing their sets to prevent them putting up hotels, and in the process of bankrupting themselves and losing the game, twice.

I am agnostic and not Muslim. It seems obvious to me that if Christianity is kaput, then it needs to be replaced, because no people can do without a religion. Even Jews, who are the real superior race, know they cannot do without Judaism. Time to get real, peeps. Once you acknowledge that Christianity is kaput and that every people needs a religion, you will have to admit that Islam is the answer. I know this is hard for you, but it has been said Islam is Judaism Lite. My little idea of Secular Koranism is Islam Lite. Think of it as a kind of Chicken Tikka Massala religion specially created by me for the British palate, my gift to the white people I want to help in their time of trouble after living amongst them for so long ...

You are obviously an atheist clinging to the failed religion of your ancestors in the hope of defeating Jews and Muslims since you have admitted to being neither Catholic nor Protestant. Doubtless you chose Catholicism because it seemed to you to be the most powerful church in the world, but it too has failed because Catholic Ireland has fallen to gay marriage.  I am trying to explain to you that if your religion has failed, you need to find a new one that actually works. Think of it is an irreparably broken boiler. If you don't replace it, you won't have hot water and central heating. You can't keep the old broken one, because there is no space for it. So it has got to go and the new one brought in to replace it. I don't expect you to like this, but try to look on the bright side, eh? If you believe in God, then Muslims were sent by Him to make you correct your grave historical errors. Jews are a superior race because they have the highest IQ and have their own ethno-state, what you all long for. You do know that Judaism is the original and best form of divine ethno-nationalism, don't you? And Islam is divine civic nationalism. I am sorry you find what I say obnoxious and can completely understand why you might do so.

You probably don't know that the Koran acknowledges the Virgin Birth and Christ as a prophet of God. Points to note: Christianity does not accommodate Judaism, and Judaism does not acknowledge Christ.  Islam on the other hand accommodates both Jews and Christians.

If you wanted to establish a theocracy, you would not be using the New Testament which is full of extremist statements and silly stories, but only Jews would use the Old Testament as a basis of their theocracy. I am afraid there is nothing left that we can use. is how I have interpreted that wife-beating verse. I think it is fair enough and like to think that most reasonable and moral women can live with this.

You keep going back to Christianity because it is the religion of your ancestors. If you knew anything about the history of Christianity and what Christians are really supposed to literally believe in, its absurdity would repulse you. I know you are using Christianity as a weapon against Islam and the Muslim immigration you hate and fear, but I really don't think that the re-Christianising of the West is at all likely, because it really is morally and intellectually bankrupt. It is morally bankrupt because its clergy is corrupt and this is evidenced by the fact that Catholic Ireland fell to gay marriage, and it is intellectually bankrupt because it requires you to literally believe that Christ is simultaneously God Himself and His Son.

Judaism is divine ethno-nationalism, Islam divine civic nationalism. Christianity is a rough draft and it is time for it to be discarded. Westerners must find the quickest most effective solution that is most likely to work, for their own sake and that of their children, grandchildren and descendants. Secular Koranism will accommodate Jews and Christians as well as Hindus, Buddhists, polytheists, atheists and agnostics such as myself. The most disruptive thing that would happen under Secular Koranism is the disestablishment of the Church of England. You should bear in mind that Secular Koranism is not a belief system, but a legal system, like EU law.

Please understand my position: I have chosen Islam by what I hope is a logical process of elimination. I don't think you need to literally believe in God to be able to discover the nature of the evils His laws contained in the Bible and Koran are intended to discourage. Belief in God is optional, but obedience to His laws compulsory - that would be the nature of theocracy. I know this sounds horrifying to many, but we already live under so many liberal laws that we loathe. Theocracy would be a marked improvement, because the prohibitions would be understood and expected to be for the long term national interest, not the groups privileged by feminists who hate white heterosexual men.

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