Thursday, 16 November 2017

Christmas advertisements found to be particularly offensive by social conservatives and white men concerned about immigration

White female shoppers are urged by eBay to  fill their c**t with colour. I kid you not.  

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

If there is a such a person as a Shabbos goy, could there be such a thing as a Mashiach shiksa?

Jews had a corrupt clergy as corrupt as Christian clergy just before they were kicked out by the Romans.

God already warned Jews that they would be blessed for obedience to His laws and the converse of that was that they would be cursed for disobedience. Jews were disobedient.

After they were kicked out, they paid a bit more attention to their scripture. They have done rather better as a result.

The Pharisees were more like UKIP, the Tea Party or Trump.

After they were kicked out by the Romans, they went back to basics.

Although the high priests continued to serve as presidents of the *Sanhedrin , both their actual powers and measure of esteem among the people gradually deteriorated, and derision of the high priests during the late Second Temple period is commonly quoted in rabbinic literature.

Monday, 13 November 2017

What motivates Christian Zionists

1:51  Rabbi Mizrachi on Christian Zionists and Christian Supersessionism:

Why do you think the Christians support Israel? "We love Israel!" They send tons of money to Netanyahu, why? For their own benefit. They believe JC will come to save the world and they know JC will have to come in Jerusalem - not in New York and not in Nevada. JC will have to come according to their belief in Jerusalem, and JC will speak Hebrew. Not English. Not Chinese. If the Jews are not in Israel strong and  protected against the Arabs who want to slaughter them every minute, then JC will never come. Where is he going to come? In Gaza? As soon as he comes, they'll kill him ... again! That's what they believe. "So we have to help Israel, because we want JC to come! Then JC will take care of the Jews and send them all to hell for not believing in him!" They are not doing it for the Jews, they are doing it for their own good because they want to be saved by JC. This is their dream. They don't understand that JC can never ever be the Messiah because he is not from the family of King David. Condition Number 1: the Messiah must be from the genealogy of King David.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Rabbi Mizrachi dismantles Christianity

Who speaks the most sense?

Whose points and questions can you most understand?

And that is why Catholics conducted the Inquisition when they were in a position of power and abused that power.

The man arguing for Christianity was born a Jew.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The female sexual deviant

The main problem as I see it is that it makes men passive.

Years ago I had a girlfriend who complained about the passivity of men. All these men she found so infuriatingly passive must have already been sexually assaulted before they were sexually assaulted by her, I imagine.

I knew a male friend whose history was all about being chased by women. He never fought for anything and always gave in to expediency. He told me the nurse seduced him when he was an adolescent.

Men and women who have bad first relationships repeat the same pattern of behaviour even though they must have been painful.

It is not even the act itself, but the pattern of behaviour it establishes which is often lifelong. It emasculates men by making them sit around waiting for an older woman to make the move. This means they will probably never marry and never become fathers, content in their passivity.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The MPs who voted for gay adoption