Friday, 11 September 2009

One small step for over-regulation, one giant step towards Big Brother

Someone with whom I am on friendly terms stated that he thought that if teachers had to have CRB checks, then school visitors such as writers should be subjected to the same indignity, in order to pursue his twisted idea of equal opportunities government persecution, for he is a very Politically Correct Man indeed.

The most important thing for him is that something must be seen to be done, even if it will do no one any good, for the sake of the kiddywinks.

I have a rather controversial theory that female promiscuity that is the result of feminism is in fact responsible for paedophilia, but women, because they are malicious as well as stupid, blame men.

Men, because they have allowed themselves to become as stupid as women, and are reluctant to give up their access to easy sex, take the blame.

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